Helping out

Join a Walk:

Walk with us for one hour, one day or all nine days.
Register on the site and a walk organiser will contact you.
Or simply pick one of the walks, look up the map or schedule sheet, choose a meeting point and join us.
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Offer assistance with transportation:
If you are free on any of the nine days and are near any of our start or stop points please let us know. We may need transportation for those participating to return to their car or accommodation.

We need marshals to help with health and safety:
There are some locations where we will need to notify oncoming traffic, it is planned to flag where necessary ahead of the walking party.
If you can assist please let us know.

Bucket Collectors:
We need people to collect in towns along the route. If you have an hour or two it would be fantastic.

Or just help by sponsoring a walker:
Help feed the next very hungry child there are so many waiting and hoping to join schools supported by Mary’s Meals

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