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If new to walking long distances start now…
Start walking today walk for at least thirty minutes every day.
Build this up to one hour at least three times per week.

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We need all the help we can get thank you.
If you cannot walk then maybe assist with organisation.

What to wear:
The Weather forecast  is so important this will help decide what to wear the following day. The secret is to keep warm and dry but not to overheat.
Layers are better than heavy clothes and if the day heats up remove a layer or too. Trousers with removable legs that turn into shorts are very handy.
Body armour undergarments that keep the body warm but allow moisture to escape can be very helpful. They are light easy to carry and a change during the day is advisable.

What to carry:
Always carry light rain gear, – leggings – and – waterproof / windproof Jacket. Most days we will be able to fuel up on route but there are days when you will have to carry a light lunch. Ask the day before if there are planned stops where food can be purchased.
If you have trouble with your feet it is advisable to attend to them straight away. Carry a blister pack, spare socks and moister repellent cream / gel.
Water can be heavy to carry so keep the water bottle small and drink only when necessary. Most days we will be able to obtain water on route.
Carry a mobile phone, if you do not have one partner with a friend that has.

Make sure you have the Stewart’s phone number if we split up.

Health and Safety:
To comply with insurance there are rules we must abide by. Each day register your name and the length of time you intend to spend walking, i.e. hour, half day or all day. If you have been diagnosed with an illness such as diabetes or epilepsy please inform the Stewart.
You must wear a high visibility vest when walking on the roads. And you must comply with the RSA instructions
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The Stewart will advise on locations where great care must be taken, either walking in a single line or waiting until a marshal goes ahead to warn oncoming traffic. When instructions are given you must follow these at all times.
For more information on Health and Safety
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Every walker participating must organise their own accommodation and it is advisable to plan in advance. We are walking in the height of the tourist season and it can be difficult to find suitable places to stay without booking in advance. We ask friends of Mary’s Meals to offer accommodation, please check with us there may be places available.

If you know someone who can drop you to a starting point and collect you at the end of the day it would be so helpful.
If you do not have transport please let us know in advance.
To organise a lift there may be a charge.

Any sum of money raised is well received.
Remember €18.30 will feed one child for a year while attending education.
If you walked with us just one day and received sponsorship of one euro per kilometre you will feed one child for a full year and that child will receive an education.

Any small amount is of great value, the walk is also a visible recognition of caring and wanting to make a change that will last.